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Most of my reading over the past few years has been via ebooks, books on tape, and the many many blogs that I follow daily.  With that being the case, I’ve had a great time wandering through Adele Wong’s fantastic book exploring the eclectic world of Hong Kong food, simply titled Hong Kong Food & Culture.  The book is […]

With the extra time off for Christmas and Boxing Day (day after Christmas for those not familiar with the term), I’ve been able to catch up on quite a few personal to-do items these past few days.  Starting with some much needed sleep, balancing it with getting out to either the gym or basketball court consistently for about […]

I don’t even remember how I stumbled on the YearUp program, but I saw it about two weeks ago when reading some articles about the economy and was really impressed with the companies that are involved and nationwide presence it covers.  While looking through the details, I was curious about how many other similar programs […]

It’s easy to forget that China has a wealth of ethnic groups within its borders.  Click through the example pic below to a great set of pictures of the different ethnic groups.  I will need to revisit once I get some free time to read into some of the groups a bit more.  Enjoy! China […]

I just saw this on the Engadget feed, and although I’ve seen plenty of prototype articles, this is the first production cellphone with a solar back that I’ve been made aware of.  Although the actual phone is not something I would buy, this no doubt will lead to much wider adoption going forward.  Yes, there […]

I do enjoy randomly stumbling upon articles that mention some of the cool stuff produced by BT teams. One example is a recent TechCrunch review of a VoIP service that overlaps in functionality with our very own Web21C SDK. Specifically mentioned was the new CallFlow feature that has only recently been released into beta and […]

Since joining BT in November of 2004, the message has been loud and clear from Al-Noor Ramji, our group CIO, and other senior execs and that is if we make customer service BT’s differentiator, we will succeed as a firm. With a message like that coming from our CIO, it was very refreshing, and I […]