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So I just got back from a week (9 days in all) vacationing along the Amalfi coast and Naples area in Italy (see below map). The Amalfi coast, which is part of the larger Sorrento Peninsula, is absolutely gorgeous. The jagged cliffs and views into the Gulf of Salerno were just stunning. The small, secluded […]

So with my second sailing experience behind me, and two weeks of recovery post all the physical exhaustion and mental trauma, I’m still giddy with the enjoyment in being challenged so severely and only being able to just barely get by.  If you can’t tell already, I’m a fairly confident person in most everyday interactions: […]

So I’ve just returned from a very relaxing 4 and a half-day trip to the Lake Geneva area of Switzerland. My first post-trip reaction was how little I actually knew about Switzerland pre-trip. In a very basic understanding, I previously associated Switzerland with off-shore bank accounts, that wonder-knife, alpine skiing and really expensive watches. What […]