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As I digested my daily dose of economic, sports, and technology news earlier this month, one specific article caught my eye and immediately brought me back to my first days living in London circa 2004.  I remember distinctively those early days in London, every morning as I was leaving my apartment, the first thing my […]

One of the many benefits of working at a firm with as wide and diverse a base of products and services as BT, is the ability to easily branch out and get involved with other areas that interest and facinate me.  One recent example was an off-hours work project, that involved an ad-hoc team taking […]

Found the below JibJab link via a Techcrunch post. Lots of fun :-D.

If you haven’t read the history of how I got to this point with LA Fitness, take a look at my earlier post on how their incompetence and my laziness has dug me this hole. this morning, I received the below letter from an outfit called Trevor Munn Solicitors. In the actual letter it states […]

This morning I received a really creative email forward that made fun of the cultural differences between East and West. And as someone who grew up in a Chinese household in the good old US of A, I found the email especially entertaining and accurate at the same time. In the email chain, the below […]

Update: Once you’re done reading the below, see part two, where the collection agency gets involved… If you ever are looking at health clubs in the UK, DO NOT JOIN LA FITNESS. I’ve just ended a roller-coaster customer experience with them, and wanted to share my horror story. After originally signing up to a one-year […]

So about three ago I remember getting ever more curious about blogging and its surprising take-up in censor-ship heavy China. I decided at that point to create my own blog and see first-hand what the whole commotion was about. After three or four posts, my mind wandered over to the next topic of interest (most […]