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When I first moved to London in 2004, that initial shock of everyone speaking English (the Queen’s!), and not the one you’re used to from back in the states, took me a little off guard.  I did have to ask the occasional Scot to slow down and speak again, or for someone to rephrase the […]

Ben moving on


Well, it was bound to happen. The announcement of Ben Verwaayan leaving BT was made this morning, along with the appointment of Ian Livingston as his successor and Gavin Patterson as the new CEO of BT Retail and a board member. The rumors and speculation that Ben would be moving on has been in the […]

As I was going through my morning news stories, I stumbled upon a CNN video shot yesterday from Davos, featuring none other than my company’s CEO, Ben Verwaayan. Ben was interviewed by CNN’s ostentious reporter, Richard Quest. Although the interview was a bit all over the place, the major points Ben talked about: It’s BT […]

The Osmosoft team recently made a pilgrimage to Paris in order to support BT and JP Rangaswami’s presence at Le Web 3. Both Phil Whitehouse and Phil Hawksworth from our Osmosoft team have done a great job of covering the event on their respective blogs, so no need for another recap. Rather, I wanted to […]

Last week, I was fortunate enough to be on the invite list for our MD’s quarterly leadership team offsite. As expected at these exec gatherings, there were the usual briefings and updates, a good number of heated yet constructive debates, and some agreed-to actions to repair some of our mis-steps from the previous quarter. But […]

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been involved in a number discussions/emails on how open source plays in the enterprise space within BT, now and going forward. A couple of issues, both internal and external have bubbled up recently and I’ve luckily been getting involved because of my role on the Osmosoft team. This […]

This afternoon, I got an internal comms announcing the moving on of Andy Green from BT to become the CEO of LogicaCMG (FT Article). I was really shocked when the news was announced. During my three years at BT, I’ve had a couple of opportunities to interact with Andy and I truly thought he was […]