Trying to be more active with my blog



I’ve had a bit of an on-again, off-again trend with writing regular posts for this blog.  Like most people, regular life gets in the way, and the thought of pulling together a topic for a blog post routinely falls a bit lower on my to-do list priority.  And then sometimes, an idea pops in my head while reading something / watching something / discussing something that writing a blog post would be a perfect way to flush out that idea some more and get a better appreciation of it.

With that said, I have finally decided to upgrade this blog from its humble home on WordPress to my own domain (still thinking through naming options) and hosting solution (leaning towards setting it up on Amazon’s AWS to get a little hands on experience rather than delegated to a vendor or the IT team at work).  And through that process, I’ll pull together a series of posts to document the journey to see how hard / how much / how quickly I can get this completed during downtime at home at night and on the weekends…

(image of the mouse and cheese from:


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