Getting ready for 2017 … by refreshing the mission statement for my team at work



With the extra time off for Christmas and Boxing Day (day after Christmas for those not familiar with the term), I’ve been able to catch up on quite a few personal to-do items these past few days.  Starting with some much needed sleep, balancing it with getting out to either the gym or basketball court consistently for about 4 days straight, finally sorting that growing pile of bank and utility bill statements, and lastly reading through a book I’ve been meaning to revisit for several years now, Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

After finding moments here and there, I’m about half-way through Stephen Covey’s best-known book, but I’m taking a pause on reading further, as one of the chapters caught my eye that I wanted to apply before 2017 kicks off in a few days.  The section on leadership and management, and more specifically around the usefulness of mission statements is especially applicable to my current work-day activities.  Similar to others who may be in an office environment and in a role classified as “management”, the balance between the urgent requests of the day with the longer-term needs of the team and organization in 6 months, 1 year, 5 years and etc. can be especially challenging.

I first encountered mission statements in a management training program about 10 years ago when I was taking my initial career steps in managing teams.  At the time, it was an exercise that I thought was useful, but quickly moved on to other personal improvement opportunities, such as public speaking, or ability to create macros in Excel that I believed would deliver more immediate workplace benefits.  But now with my daily challenges in balancing the all-too-frequent urgent activities along with long-term team and organizational goals staring back at me on a regular basis, investing a little bit of time on a mission statement for the team I lead makes a whole lot of sense.

Besides the sections covering mission statement in Covey’s book, I’ve found a a couple of additional sources around the net that will help me get the ball started with my team in setting our mission statement together before the workload picks up again after the holiday season.  Before starting, ensure the company mission statement is identified and any team mission statement is aligned to the company mission statement.  The team mission statement is more granular and specific to the nuances of that particular team, and at the same time aligned to the larger organisation’s mission statement.

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