Track & Choose v0.2


I’m slowly progressing with my own TiddlyWiki application, Track&Choose, which I introduced in a blog post last week. With healthy doses of help from JayFresh, FND, and Phil, the interface is now much improved, especially on the summary views. The main view, of movies yet to be watched, now includes vital fields that I can glance at quickly when choosing a movie (title, year released, running time, and genre) as compared to a fairly bare previous version.


Thanks to Phil’s progression towards the next version of TeamTasks, much of the interface improvements are straight out of the box, with only some minor hacking to output movie specific details. As I am using this first TiddlyWiki application to get more comfortable with Osmosoft’s bread and butter product, the code at this point is extremely messy, has very little to no documentation, and just looks like it was cobbled together by a newb (which it has been :). With that disclaimer, I’m providing the source here.

Through slowly improving Track&Choose, I’ve been brainstorming a number of features that could be forthcoming to greatly improve the usability, reduce manual steps, and generally reduce the amount of time it takes to manage the movie and movie information in the application.

  • Automatically search for movies from IMDB and auto-populate vital fields
  • Automatically search YouTube and other video sites for trailers and embed on the fly without forcing users to copy and paste

PSD also shared with me some of his movie interests, so I’ll see if I can’t borrow a couple of his brain cycles in the coming weeks to collaborate on some of the dreamy automated features mentioned above and crank out an even more improved next version…


4 Responses to “Track & Choose v0.2”

    I was part of and would like to be part of again a movie club called ‘Dying Breed Movie Club’ or DBMC for short.
    The goal is to watch the ‘1001 movies to watch before you die’
    This works ‘perfect’ for that.
    I am about to start on my Dream Machine project and I am excited to try this out to see if I can use this as part of my Dream Machine, THANKS.
    I will keep you posted on my progress.
    -Rich Shumaker

  2. 2 dr1ft3r

    Rich – Thanks for the positive feedback. I’m working on another update that will clean up the code I’ve been piggy-backing off of to date and add some of the features I mentioned in this post. Also, I saw part of your talk at TiddlyWest on the video posted by PhilW. Great stuff! I want to learn more about contact juggling and your re-terming of ‘rolling’. I’ll keep you informed as well!

  3. 3 Christian MICHON

    where can I find this html page to try it out ? apparently the shared file is dead.

    could you send it to me or share it again ? thanks.


  4. yes – please upload to TiddlySpace! 😉

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