My First TiddlyWiki Application


1st tiddlywiki app image
OK, I admit it. I am only a basic TiddlyWiki user. Although, I’ve been engrossed in Osmosoft and the Open Source world since joining the team last year, I still only have the most basic understanding of how TiddlyWiki works. My only excuse (cop out) is that running the operations of the team has taken a lot more of my time than I had originally expected. With that being said, I want to introduce my very first TiddlyWiki app to meet one of my personal needs, and also allowing me to explore and learn more about TiddlyWiki at the same time.

Scenario: You and your significant other/family member/roommate/friend are big movie fans and watch a healthy number of movies every month (to the huge delight of Hollywood studios :). With the price of DVD’s falling to often $5 specials, and large numbers of download services (Amazon Unbox, iTunes Movies, etc.) available, a person can easily accumulate a large library of movies at low cost and effort. (Ignore the fact that on-demand movies over the net from the entire history of movies and not just selected catalogs is only a few short years away.) Now comes the hard part. How do you agree on what movies to watch from your library with those that you enjoy watching movies with? One person may be feeling for a comedy on a specific day, you on the other hand are looking for a sci-fi with the latest hot movie star. And you both only want to see a movie that you have in your current library, so you don’t have to go all the way over to you local DVD rental store that may or may not have your titles in stock.

One potential solution to this scenario is a simple tool that keeps track of your library of movies, a quick way to isolate those movies that have yet to be watched, what genre/actor/length each movie is, and maybe even a trailer for quick previews. That simple tool that I have started working on is unimaginatively called Track&Choose v0.1. Track&Choose in its current infancy is largely based on Phil Hawksworth’s TeamTasks, which itself relies on a number of plugins from the TiddlyWiki community.
Screen Capture
The current basic initial functionality stands at:

  • add a new movie to the library
  • set the status to one of three choices: request for movie to be acquired, acquired movie to be watched, and movie already watched
  • filter based on the above three statuses
  • embed videos from YouTube (or any other video sites that allow external embedding)
  • adding a rating to movies that have been watched

The below screen capture is of Mr Bean’s Holiday with a status set to be watched, and a YouTube trailer embedded.
Screen Capture 2
This screen capture is of The All Together, a status set to be watched, and a IMDB link.
Screen Capture 3
High Priority Functionality

  • Quick view/sort by genre, length, year released

Low Priority Functionality

  • Automatically suggest YouTube trailer videos to be embedded with a video.

If you’re really curious and have some time on your hands, feel free to download the entire HTML file (currently hosted on a crappy advertisement supported file share site) that is Track & Choose and explore what’s been done to date. Apologies on the ugliness of the code, but at this stage, it is just my personal hacking area of exploring and learning how to customize TiddlyWiki to meet my current requirements. Feel free to leave any feedback or hate comments on how basic and trivial this initiative is so far :-p.


4 Responses to “My First TiddlyWiki Application”

  1. 1 FND

    Looking good, James!
    I’m really glad you’re getting actively involved after all – provided, of course, that you’re not neglecting your “office duties”…

    I believe Saq did something similar a while ago – it’s never been polished up for the general public, but might still be good for some inspiration (will poke him to post a link).
    Also, I’d quite like to see TV shows (episodes / seasons) being covered as well.

    As for hosting, you could simply use Tiddlyspot.

    If you have any questions, feel free to poke me.

  2. 3 dr1ft3r

    Fred – Thanks for the tips. I’ll definitely give you a shout when i begin running into issues (which should be very shortly :).

  1. 1 Track & Choose v0.2 « James Shi’s musings about everything and nothing…

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