CallFlow gets a plug from TechCrunch


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I do enjoy randomly stumbling upon articles that mention some of the cool stuff produced by BT teams. One example is a recent TechCrunch review of a VoIP service that overlaps in functionality with our very own Web21C SDK. Specifically mentioned was the new CallFlow feature that has only recently been released into beta and lightly covered here with quotes from our leader (and part-time blogger), JP Rangaswami.

The TechCrunch article only briefly mentions the CallFlow feature, but does provide a link to the article mentioned above, which goes into a bit more details. In layman’s terms, CallFlow allows the creation of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) customer experiences without having to procure some expensive heavyweight platform just to do so. Rather than even attempt to do a poor job of explaining CallFlow further, just go to their website for not only a description and summary, but detailed development instructions and code examples.

The SDK team, while running into a few speedbumps like all projects do, is picking up steam fast and with a couple more wins in the functionality and user adoption areas is on the path to do some really great stuff. I am definitely writhing in anticipation ;-). Good job boys (and girls :)!


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