CNN video of Ben Verwaayen from Davos


As I was going through my morning news stories, I stumbled upon a CNN video shot yesterday from Davos, featuring none other than my company’s CEO, Ben Verwaayan.

Ben was interviewed by CNN’s ostentious reporter, Richard Quest. Although the interview was a bit all over the place, the major points Ben talked about:

  • It’s BT Group, not British Telecom. Get it right.
  • Three layers of importance for what’s happening in the economy
    1. Collaboration is the theme at Davos, not just the economy, the financial sector, or the current uncertainty of the market
    2. Debating and separating out the emotions that are currently clouding the market
    3. Real performance.
  • Customers are focused on the robustness of their own performance, and areas to improve, which helps the overall economy
  • The financial world is finally reconnecting with the real world as indicated by recent events
  • The market is all about expectations. Accounting for risk is resetting certain expectation and the market reflects that.
  • Ben, as usual, did not answer the question of if he’s leaving his CEO post at BT (Stay Ben!)
  • The economy is closer to going into recession than slowdown

Updated: Also, check out Ben’s personal thoughts of the WEF on his blog at the Telegraph and the below more in-depth video of Ben and BT’s core business and competencies in serving our customers.


2 Responses to “CNN video of Ben Verwaayen from Davos”

  1. James –

    Just found your blog – pleased to see you’re keeping busy 😉

    It’s good stuff. Pleased to see Ben still working his magic – I think his take on the notion of risk is entirely right, but probably too subtle for most of the media. It’s also a good message for BT, because a big aspect of BT’s brand is that it is safe – and therefore a good place to go in risky times…

    The only question now, of course, is how well BT delivers the customer experience that backs that brand promise. It’s made great strides, but I know you’re still on the journey. Good luck with that – and keep us up to date on how the journey goes.

    – Mike

  2. 2 dr1ft3r

    Hi Mike. Thanks for your kind words. It’s been a difficult, but necessary, journey for BT in improving the customer experience to one that is best of breed. We’re still a ways off from where we need to be, but as long as the organization stays focused, I’m confident we’ll reach our customer-centric goals. All the best with the to-be book and Bloomstorm!

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