Making fun of Eastern/Western Cultural Differences


This morning I received a really creative email forward that made fun of the cultural differences between East and West. And as someone who grew up in a Chinese household in the good old US of A, I found the email especially entertaining and accurate at the same time. In the email chain, the below is attributed to a Yang Liu Young (link), who was born in China and currently lives educated in Germany, but if anyone can point me to the official source, I’d love to attribute this work to the originator.

Updated: Thanks to commenter Alpha, who provided a link to her personal website, I now know Yang Liu has received numerous recognitions for her design work in London, Berlin, and New York.  Check out her website at:

Blue -> Western Red -> Asian/Chinese

1. Opinion

2. Way of Life

3. Punctuality

4. Contacts eastwest04.jpg

5. Anger eastwest05.jpg

6. Queue when Waiting

7. Me

8. Sundays on the Road

9. Party

10. In the Restaurant

11. Stomach Ache

12. Traveling

13. Definition of Beauty

14. Handling of Problems

15. Three Meals a Day

16. Transportation

17. Elderly in Day to Day Life

18. Shower Timing

19. Moods and Weather

20. The Boss

21. What’s Trends

22. The Child

23. Things that are New

24. Perception of Each Other


9 Responses to “Making fun of Eastern/Western Cultural Differences”

  1. 2 JD

    I’m not sure how generalized they are for Eastern/Western. The blue items seem particularly German, and the red items seem particularly Chinese. If you were to look at it as, say, French and Japanese, some of them would be reversed.

    That said, the series is brilliant and thank you for sharing them.

  2. 3 dr1ft3r

    JD – Good point. The creator focused on her target audience of Germans (where she lives) and Chinese (her ethnicity), but living in the UK, and having grown up in the US, I thought it was relevant and appropriate to expand the generalization beyond just Germans. I’m sure there are examples where the generalization does not hold true, per your examples of French vs Japanese culture. But overall, it’s safe to assume for a number of western cultures and and a similar number of eastern cultures, this work of art is spot on. Thanks for the input!

  3. Pretty darn funny. Only just found this, proper archive trawling.

  4. 5 Hong Kong Person

    My mother is Chinese and my dad is Canadian, and I live in Hong Kong. This is extremely extremely accurate. I feel the Western can apply to most countries in the west, and the Asian thing is mostly just Chinese. I don’t see that the Western stuff specifically applies for German culture.

    But anyway, this is really funny, and actually surprisingly accurate. It sounds just like my mom. Haha.

  5. 6 Nadia

    Neat : ) Some of the Eastern things also apply to the Arab culture, hehe… so I had to laugh a few times.

  6. 7 Mia Lyon

    I enjoyed it! I am Japanese, studied after graduating Japanese University for a while. I’m married to Australian, working with western staff in Japan.

    I found this very accurate, re: clutural and socia aspects of Japan, except No.6, Queue when waiting. Maybe we are annoyed in Asia, esp., in other parts in Far East.
    Thank you for a great perception.

  1. 1 Western vs Eastern – ความแตกต่างตะวันตก-ตะวันออก [graphic design] |
  2. 2 Robert L. Peters » East meets West

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