BT’s Leadership


This afternoon, I got an internal comms announcing the moving on of Andy Green from BT to become the CEO of LogicaCMG (FT Article). I was really shocked when the news was announced. During my three years at BT, I’ve had a couple of opportunities to interact with Andy and I truly thought he was one of a few people within BT who could instantly succeed Ben as CEO of BT Group without missing a step in five or so years. I’m disappointed that Andy’s leaving BT, but at the same time I can understand his desire to be the top honcho and LogicaCMG is giving him that opportunity. I’ll be keeping an eye on Andy’s movements and maybe at some point in the future, get an opportunity to work with him again. Good Luck at LogicaCMG Andy!

Along with the earlier departure of Paul Reynolds, BT has now had a couple of our senior managers poached to become CEO of other companies. This is good indication of the respect the industry gives to BT leaders and their abilities to bring success to other organizations. But before I start praising ourselves too much, there’s still quite a lot of work (e.g. 21CN, Retail business, Openreach, etc.) that needs to be done to truly get BT to become the global leader in ICT. We have a lot of talented managers that are more than capable of filling in the gap of these recent departures, so the hard work must continue and getting our collective butts back in gear to truly transform the giant that is BT.


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