Witnessing the TiddlyWiki Community in Person


Over the course of three days from last Wednesday to Friday, the Osmosoft office in Soho was overrun by members of the TiddlyWiki community. This ensemble had been gathered together to 1.) celebrate the third anniversary of the creation of TiddlyWiki 2.) introduce the TiddlyWiki community to the Osmosoft team and 3.) invite the wider BT community along to experience an open source community in the flesh. For me personally, this was a fantastic experience. This was the first time I was immersed into a group of people who have contributed large portions of their personal time in order to push forward with the development and adoption of an open source project that had minimal or no relation to their day-job.

Being squeezed with twice the number of people that we usually have in our office, I was afforded the pleasant opportunity to incidentally talk to each of our visitors and learn about their original and current reasons for getting and staying involved with TiddlyWiki. Spread among the various people that I got to chat with, each one had a unique perspective and story of why and how they got involved with TiddlyWiki. Reasons ranged from the expected scenario of finding it useful for getting things done at work, and using for academic purposes, to the hobbyist who just thought it was something different and cool to play with. It was invigorating to see the passion in our TiddlyWiki community and the collective excitement of bringing together many from this community that usually communicate through emails, irc, and other online channels to actually in the same room, face-to-face. We of course worked together on TiddlyWiki stuff, but I’m happy to say we spent a good amount of time also playing on the Wii, and went out socially to eat and drink (see picture below).

With a lot of positive momentum built up during the celebration, I look forward to being in the thick of the community as a number of initiatives that were either brainstormed or greatly accelerated last week now move rapidly towards being delivered to and shared with the wider community. This excitement has also led me to think through how we can leverage and replicate these obviously powerful yet low overhead communities to help progress BT’s vast organization (roughly 150,000 strong and growing). Would it be that difficult to translate this model for development and support for BT’s smaller internal programs? I don’t think it should/would. I’m now looking to build upon what Jeremy started three years ago and seeing what lessons from Osmosoft can be applied to make BT a more effective and efficient organization. I’ll write more on this topic in the coming days.

Both Casa and Hawksy covered the celebrations with pictures and words. The below picture was taken by Hawksy at Gaucho’s as our day at the office extended through to the evening…

Osmosoft at Gauchos


2 Responses to “Witnessing the TiddlyWiki Community in Person”

  1. 1 boycook

    Is it just me or is Jeremy smoking inside?

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