Post event: dConstruct 2007


After a two-night stay in Brighton, while attending the dConsruct 2007 User Experience Design conference, and a botched attempt to attend barCamp Brighton (sold-out multiple times over), I’m actually fairly relieved to be back in central London. There’s just something comfortable about sitting outside along a familiar area (Goodge St. in my case) and writing up blog posts and replying back to my backlog of emails from the past few days.

dConstruct was a good event. While there was the usual one or two speakers/presenters who stood out (Cameron Moll, more on his presentation below), this trip stuck out for me because we were able to gather up our entire team of eight Osmosoftians and really spend some quality time talking, interacting, and generally having fun with each other. We’ve had a couple of happy hours and team meetings previously, but rarely have we been able to gather the entire team together, whether in or outside of our office. I’m now caught up which person to turn to when I buy my next mountain bike, who to confer with when I go sailing next, and where to go for some tasty fish ‘n chips. Excellent times, and incriminating pictures to come.

As for dConstruct, it was similar to other tech conferences I’ve attended previously (FOWA, etc.) which is not a negative comment at all. It met expectations, rather than exceeding them. For me, the highlight was definitely Cameron Moll’s Good vs. Great Design presentation. In very straightforward terminology and using some excellent examples involving both technology and not, Cameron hit home some really important foundational facets to be considering and managing for when building a web site/interface. One grain of salt you will have to take is that I’m not a designer, so I may be more easily impressed by what is essentially design basics wrapped up in a flashy presentation. Either way, Cameron’s was the only segment during the conference that grabbed my undivided attention during his entire presentation, and I look forward to reading and discovering more of Cameron’s work.

The other segments had their ups and downs, depending on how much personal experience and interest I had with their respective topic areas.  Phil Whitehouse covered the entire event with much more care and substance than I have above.  Take a look at his part 1 and part 2 of the day.

Overall, it was good getting refreshed on various aspects of experience and user centric designs, catching up with some old acquaintances I’d previously met through work and other events, and getting that much more familiar with my Osmosoft team. Below is a pic of Simon and I on the top deck of the bar Thursday night discussing the best way to do a Facebook app that allows people to SMS from their profile page via BT’s Web21C SDK taken by Phil. Until next time!


Update: Added links to more coverage of dConstruct.


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