Sailing, more than just a preppy hobby


So with my second sailing experience behind me, and two weeks of recovery post all the physical exhaustion and mental trauma, I’m still giddy with the enjoyment in being challenged so severely and only being able to just barely get by.  If you can’t tell already, I’m a fairly confident person in most everyday interactions: work, friends, sporting activies, etc.. The fact that I had to climb below deck after seven hours so that I could pass out was an entirely new experience.  You could chalk this up to me underestimating the strenuousness of sailing from having an easy first sail a couple years back with a friend, or maybe even the fact that I was and am still really out of shape.  In either case, I was ill prepared and totally overwhelmed.  I am determined bring up my sailing knowledge and strength to tackle the challenge in a year’s time (opportunity permitting)

At this very moment, I’m contemplating which sun & sail (essentially an intro course to sailing) package to take up.  All indications are pointing towards a trip to Croatia (which is really cool in itself as I’ve never been there), which is perfect timing as London begins its cooling down into Fall and Winter, while Croatia will be sunny and warm :).  I look forward to picking up this sport/activity and really enjoying it going forward.



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