Welcome to James’ second attempt at blogging


So about three ago I remember getting ever more curious about blogging and its surprising take-up in censor-ship heavy China. I decided at that point to create my own blog and see first-hand what the whole commotion was about. After three or four posts, my mind wandered over to the next topic of interest (most likely a girl 😉 and I never posted on the blog again.

OK, so why this new attempt at blogging again you ask? I must say it has largely been the influence of a new personality in BT, in the form of Jeremy Ruston. I was originally introduced to Jeremy by JP Rangaswami, a hugely popular blogger and also my Managing Director at BT. Via a steady diet of working with Jeremy over the past three months, I have been convinced of the powers of blogging and its numerous benefits that I suppose I will explore and discover fully in the coming months as I pick this back up.

So what am I looking to blog about? Like others, I’m not limiting myself, other than to the topics that I enjoy most. You’ll definitely see various posts related to work and the ideas and problems that I deal with on a day to day basis. I’ll also delve into some of my personal hobbies: cars, travelling, tech toys, etc.. And every once in a while, maybe a deep insight from the way my brain works, but most likely not :-p. I leave this blog re-start post with a picture from a couple weekends ago of myself while exploring the Isle of Wight: IOW_Ponder


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